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Puppia Vest Harness Reviews

Read Puppia vest harness reviews shared by dog owners. You can get a Puppia vest in just about every color from pink to camo.

What Dog Owners Say About the Puppia Vest

People who buy either the Puppia vest harness or Puppia soft mesh harness are looking for a bit of fashion that fits their tiny teacup dog or mid-size dog.  If you have a Rat Terrier either of these models are perfect choices for your dog.  On the other hand, these vests are not for the large or xxl dog in your family.  Once you see how these work out for the smaller dogs, you’ll be hounding us to provide one for the larger hounds.

The Puppia vest is great for the little dogs, but please make one for my big dog!

That’s exactly what Melia in Arizona had to say.  The Puppia soft mesh vest worked great for her two Rat Terriers, but she wanted something  for her 110 pound Pit Bull!


Another thing that Puppia vest owners comment on is the durability of the material.  Dogs don’t want to chew through it like they would a leather harness.  Here’s what Alfred in Alabama had to say about this:

We purchased a Puppia vest dog harness almost 3 years ago for our Chihuahua after trying several other types and brands and this one still looks new and no signs of wear and tear after using it for 2 walks a day for 3 years. Its very easy to put on and is very secure and I dont have to worry about him getting out of it. I purchased a new one just to have a back up if it does wear out.

Easy to wash and keep clean

J. in Virgina thinks these are the best dog harness available.  Here’s what he wrote about the Puppia vest.

My Jack Russells are 2 and 8 months and we LOVE these harnesses. They are easy to put on, they help with the pulling. We let them swim in the ocean in them and they dry easily, and the hardware has never failed or rusted. They are very durable, and fashionable. Everywhere we go people ask us where to get them. I have several colors and we keep buying more just to have backups and because of the new puppy growing. The mesh ones are the best. I wash the mesh ones in the washing machine frequently and I have never had any problems. I would recommend these to everyone with a small dog, especially a small dog that is strong like mine.  Five out of Five stars!


There are two sizing charts, one for the soft mesh vest and one for the canvas Puppia vest dog harness. Generally, the soft Puppia vest harness sizes run true to size.  The soft mesh vests stretch a little over time, especially if your dog is a swimmer and wears the harness in the water. If your dog is full grown and his measurements are a bit borderline, we recommend that you pick the smaller size Puppia vest.

As for the Puppia dog vest harness, you want to measure the chest. The key to a proper fit is that the dog’s head has to fit through the opening and generally measuring the chest is the best for proper sizing.

Gentle On Your Dog’s Skin

Do you have a dog that doesn’t have much fur under his arms or is a hairless variety of dog?  This is a great item for little dogs that have little or no fur under their arms. The Puppia vest dog harness doesn’t rub off their fur or press into the skin.

Is your dog a tugger? Does he choke and gasp all during your walks?  Say goodbye to that annoyance.  Both  Puppia vest harnesses are constructed to prevent this type of choking effect.  As for the soft mesh harness, it’s like a second soft layer on skin on the dog.

Best Price on Puppia Vest Dog Harness Canvas

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We’ve checked around our pet suppliers and these offer the best prices, sizes and colors for both the soft mesh harness and canvas Puppia vest harness.