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Puppia Vest Deals-Save Today on Puppia Vests!

The Puppia Vest soft dog harness is favored by owners of mini and teacup dogs. Dogs love the Puppia vest harness because it is made of a soft air-mesh material which is very gentle and comfortable on your dog's skin.

Dog owners who buy a Puppia vest do so because they love to have their dog with them on walks, but don’t want their pooch to have to endure a stiff leather style harness. Do you have a pet sitter?  The Puppia vest is your pet sitter’s best friend.  She’ll have more control while walking your dog around the block or at the park.

A Puppia vest soft mesh harness (shown above) is like a second skin on your doggie.  Another style, the canvas Puppia dog vest harness (pictured below) is not as form fitting, yet its smooth edges offer a comfortable fit. It’s the perfect choice for busting through the bushes with your Rat Terrier hunting pup as it won’t snag or get hung up.

Both models have a sturdy construction that can take whatever tugging your dog dishes out. The Puppia Vest dog harness is ideal for dogs that like pulling and escaping from a traditional harness. They won’t be able to slip out of this harness. Some even swim in their vest!

No More Choking and Gagging Pooch!

The Puppia Vest provides easy control without choking you dog. The sizing is different for the  Puppia soft mesh harness and the Puppia vest dog harness.  For instance, your dog may wear a medium soft harness, but he needs a large Puppia dog vest.  Be sure to look up the correct size chart and measure your pooch.

Best Deals On Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness

Now that you have the correct size for your new doggie vest it’s time to get your best price.   The Puppia soft mesh harness is available is these colors:  red, orange, pink, yellow, green,aqua, navy blue, black, tan, purple, charcoal and for your Rat Terrier the Hunter, camouflage.

Puppia Vest Harness Best price

This is the best choice for dogs that like to take a stroll while looking ultra stylish too.  The soft mesh material is like a second skin.  Does your dog tend to chaff under her legs in her ‘leg-pits’ where she doesn’t have much fur and the skin is tender? You won’t have to worry about this harness rubbing her raw as it is soft as a chamois.

Best Deals On Puppia Vest Harness

Dog owners rave about the durability of this harness.  The colors are red, green, aqua, black, charcoal and camo.  Just think about the fun you and your dog will have on your romps together.  You probably already know that dog obesity is a leading cause of diabetes in dogs, can lead to cancer and thyroid problems. That’s the short list.

Studies show that miniature dogs are more likely to become obese due to the fact the their dog parents are more sedentary.  There is also more tendency to pick up and carry the smaller dogs.  You have to admit it is really charming to have your Chi’s head pop up out of your purse!

When the weather’s great take you dog out for a spin around the block or through the woods knowing she’ll be safe in her sturdy Puppia vest.

Best Price Puppia Vest Harness